Ronald Gill (Managing Director of Grybrook Ltd) an apprentice trained qualified design engineer in the Sheffield Steelworks, set up his design engineering business in 1971.

Originally working in the design of steel rolling mills, quarry and mining equipment, the business now mainly designs and manufactures for companies requiring waste recycling equipment. We are also available for other engineering consultancy work to take advantage of this range of experience and have offered our services to companies ranging from smaller agricultural businesses to larger organisations including the Atomic Energy Authority at Dounreay and Heinz.

The location of the design office over this time has enabled us to take full advantage of
Sheffield`s highly skilled network of companies for manufacture of our products who give us great service, while also keeping costs down.

 We offer sturdy long-lasting designs:  our first static Trommel built in 1993 is still working in a scrap metal processing yard.

We use 2D and 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) to give clear and detailed drawings of our designs to our customers.



GRYBROOK LIMITED T/A Ronald Gill Associates
Registered in England No 4472976
VAT No 471390742